Automatic clay target trap Tiger 75 and Tiger 75E

Clay Pigeon Trap TIGER 75 features a 75 target auto feeder that delivers the target directly to the soft pad on the launch table. TIGER 75 is automatic clay target thrower with great perfomance. The motor is quiet, durable and puts out a 0.7 second cycle time - fastest on a market. It throws a consistent 80 m, angles from -10 to +50 degrees. TIGER 75 is avallable in standard or standard and midi clay models.
The difference between a Tiger 75 and Tiger 75E is the Tiger-75 takes standard and midi clays, while the Tiger-75E is standard clays only.

CAPACITY(clays) - Tiger 75E(75 STD clays ) or Tiger 75(75 STD & MIDI clays)
HEIGHT (without magazin)- 473 mm/ 18''
LENGTH- 660 mm/26''
WEIGHT- 35 kg
CYCLE TIME- 0.7 sec
Portable.Quality motorgear unit and clutch for 3/4 cocking ensures smooth operation and long life. 50 metre cable with button release. Radio release ready. 2 years warranty.