Automatic Trap Thrower - Rabbit 200

Rabbit Target is one of the most popular targets at any clay shoot.The best part of any rabbit stand is the fun it brings. Rabbit trap is the perfect addition to any sporting clay course. The rolling rabbit clay will frequently jump into the air to produce a random and challenging target.



Holds 200 Standard Rabbit Clays
Wheel spin high revs and bolts the rabbit at speed.
The wheel can be switched on and off at the control cable end,when not in use.
The turret has a knife separator for all weather conditions (stainless steel) also with adaptor plate allow the clays to be put in upside down.
Turret is operated by a separate motor.
50 metres lead with release button.
On and off switch on the control box.
The motors are 12 or 24 volt.
Rabbit and standard targets sliding through perfectly Optional: this can be operated by radio release. 3 years warranty.