Automatic clay target trap Farey 75 - conversion

Farey manual traps have been around for a long time. Nowadays many have been left unused in garages, sheds and far away corners.Converting the Farey manual trap is to bring life back into the a machine whereby you will use less effort to load and fire traps because of a newly incorporated button, foot pedal or radio release. It throws a consistent 80 m, angles from +10 to +50 degrees. Farey 75 - conversion is avallable in standard or standard and midi clay models.


CAPACITY(clays) - 75 (STD or STD & MIDI)
HEIGHT (without magazin)- 473 mm/ 18''
LENGTH- 660 mm/26''
WEIGHT- 30 kg
CYCLE TIME- 1.2 sec
Portable.Quality motorgear unit and clutch for 3/4 cocking ensures smooth operation and long life. 50 metre cable with button release. Radio release ready. 1 years warranty.